Festival Style!

Posted on: July 29, 2011

Festival Style

Recently I went to a festival with my family.The delight of sitting in the sun listing to music is unimaginable.I don’t care if they aren’t chart toppers,a sweet girl or guy with a guitar will do me fine.But I’m not here to talk about that I am here to tell you the sort of style I saw there so you aren’t the one who wore the wrong clothes.

The absolute must have is a hat.I’m not talking about the normal sun hats or woollen hats I’m talking about out of the ordinary hats.So that cute guy you like on stage will see your unusual hat and…or so that you can be just as crazy as everyone else.Walking around the shops there were a few extraordinary hats that popped up in quite a few shop.Garlands were really big,you could buy them in the little stalls for £5 and  they are cute,wild and very hippie!Felt witches hats,minus the  brim and in a range of tie dye colour.Whatever you find,just find a hat that you like and suit!


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