Posted on: August 5, 2011

If I am not mistaken this is my 10th post. I reached what I would like to call a small milestone not only that but today my views reached 100 all time and yes there are 6 billion people on the planet but 100 is again for me a small milestone. You are probably sitting there completely unintrested but this is a sort of post for myself. I’m going to write my next goal down.
(X )100 views

(X)500 views

(X) 1000 views (it’ll be a while till I reach that one!)


(X) 10 posts

( ) 100 posts

( ) 500 posts

( ) 1000 posts (oh gulp!)


(X )10 comments

(X)20 comments




So this was a bit of a self indulgent post but I want to ask you why is 10 such a big milestone to you and what are your goals and achievements that you want to share?Did you manage to read 100 books in 10 weeks?Are you going to run a 10k? Tell me below or on your page.

Susie xx


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