The obsession with the union jack .

Posted on: August 25, 2011

The Obsession with the Union Jack




We all have it and why ? At first glance I can spot 3 items which are union jack related . This stuff has worked it’s way into my hands . There is National pride of course I mean most of us love our nation to bits, our culture , our lifestyle, our history and some of us even love our country’s stereotype but I don’t .

National pride is one reason but then again I walk around with a bag showing the American flag and I buy stuff with the French flag on it so maybe we just love flags after all we see other country’s flags everywhere their isn’t a Union  Jack flying . There are of course  countries within Britain with there own flags the English flag , the Scottish flag , the Welsh flag and the Northely Irish flag . But the Union Jack is my favourite out of all the British flags because
1. It’s a mash up of all the flags
2. It shows how Britain can be together but apart
3. It’s pretty to look at
4. National Pride whereas my national flag makes me feel pride but not great pride
5 . It’s cool to make patterns with

So I think it’s safe to say this is a ramble post but …

What do you feel about the Union Jack ? What do you feel about your flag ? What do you feel about national pride ? What do you feel about your country’s stereotype ? Comment below, on your page or email me at
Susie xx


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