London 2012

Posted on: October 2, 2011

2012 Summer Olympics

London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympics

The Olympics are going to be held in London next year, though it is my home country hosting I am dreading it. I love the Olympics , it is an opportunity to see so many cultures together and for me that is special. No, I’m dreading it because of my national pride.

Firstly let’s talk about Bejing in 2008 , it is the first Olymics I actually remember and it was absolutely magical. The Ceremony was absolutely beautiful it displayed everything about them , their societies and it was so well choreographed. From the hundreds of people doing martial arts all in perfect sync with each other to the stunning moment when that little girl was flying, holding the olympic torch in her hand.

London has to live up to 2008 and the way things are going it’s going to be half as cultural and half as intresting. For example have you seen the mascots! In Bejing the mascots were 5(?) fictional characters who were wonderful , I have little talking ones at home that say what they’re called and they say stuff like

Welcome to Bejing in 2008!

In a voice that is just too cute. Our mascots look like traffic lights, they aren’t creative , they just look like aliens with an industrial feel to them and their names, Wenlock andMandeville! Is this what the whole


Wenlock and Mandeville

Wenlock and Mandeville


 olympics will be like?

As another example let’s compare the stadiums. In Bejing they had a beautiful stadium designed on a birds nest hence it’s name ‘The Birds Nest’. It lit up in the evening and looked perfect. Britain’s stadium is like a normal stadium, think of the most average stadium you could think of well it’s like that except for they have massive posters slapped over it. The posters aren’t of British artwork or anything no they’re just pictures of runners.

We’ve paid so much money for this but are we putting this opportunity to good use, I guess it sums up British authorities Too much practicality not enough creativity Hopefully this is a mere insecurity and it will be great after all its ages away. I wish your country, whatever it may be, good luck!

From Susie xx

Ps. How did I do with this post? Thoughts on Olympics, Beijing 2008 and London 2012 either below on your page or email me at (they have good spam filters you know >:D)


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