Loving iPods

Posted on: November 4, 2011


Loving iPods

Life before the iPod, people ran about with a stack of CDs age a chunky CD player that was about as heavy as a brick.

These days millions of us have an iPod whether it be a classic , shuffle , nano or touch. Now we walk around with slim , sleek, small objects. These days it’s not just about carrying the music in our pockets it’s about carrying the pictures,videos,games,contacts and carrying the time with us too.

Because our iPods are so small lots of us take  them everywhere with us , to work , to school , on a bus , on a train , to Barbados . It’s just so handy !

I am in awe of the ipod. I sit here listening to Coldplay on my speaker, the music comes from my blue ipod nano. It has a meer 382 songs on it and 220 photos, in ipod terms that’s nothing. My friend has so many songs , when she got her iPhone 4 it took hours to sync it.
But my ‘few’ songs would take hours to listen to all of it.

In summary I just want to thank the late Steve Jobs who made it possible for all of us to have our iPods .

Susie xx


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