Unknown Musicians <3

Posted on: February 8, 2012

Unknown Musicians

Slowly my music taste is veering away from the popular music, I care less and less about who is new to the industry and what new songs everyone’s releasing, I think it’s weird because my taste in music has generally been whatever’s in the charts and whatever’s big. I guess this shows a sign of maturing in a way because I’m not being lured in by what everyone else seems to be praising I’m being more individual. I can understand why you would like pop music because it’s romantic or it’s good dance music or something like that. Music has become a huge part of my life because it can make me feel so many different emotions! There are some popular artists I love like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay but I’ve found a whole new world and I just love it!

When people ask: ‘What sort of music do you like?’ My standard reply used to be ‘Oh, you know, Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, the usual.Pop music. ‘ But over the past year I’ve been finding genres of music which I feel comfortable in ‘So what type of music do you like?’ My reply these days ends up being ‘Indie, acoustic, yeah bands like The Wombats and Mumford & Sons’.

Indie is so upbeat and energetic (obviously it depends on the song but mostly) and it mixes electronic with rock to make a very mind blowing combo. The Wombats are my most famous indie band. 2 Door Cinema Club and stuff are great too.

Acoustic is more stripped back and that’s why I like it, even when I was into pop music I still used to love the acoustic versions. And I love it at festivals where you just get a young girl or guy sitting or standing on the stage alone with a guitar singing. Mumford & Sons do more sort of folky stuff but I like it all the same, guitars, accordions and stuff.

And now also I’ve begun to try and find all these amazing singers and bands who can sing as well live as they can in their songs. The ones who nobody knows about but me and there have been some amazing places for me to find all of these unknown artists. The two places I used were Spotify and YouTube. There is a feature on Spotify where you can insert the name of a singer or band and it’ll generate similar music so I found tons from there. On YouTube you get all those related videos and with all that original music being posted by unsigned artists onto the Internet it’s amazing!

On YouTube I have this girl Drew Tabor (drewby1xo) who does covers of pop music but don’t be put off because they are one thousand times better than the originals , they are so relaxed. She takes away the strong beat from pop songs gets an acoustic guitar and slows it down a fraction and they are awesome, I have to watch them twice before they fully settle in!

While on YouTube I got a friend request from a channel called The Runaway State and I looked at it just before I ignored it and this guy , George is one of those great people who writes amazing songs, plays amazing guitar and drums and can sing so well it could break your heart.


On Spotify Finder I typed in the Runaway State and it came up with tons of content similar to his and one that kept occurring was this singer Mindy Gledhill, I fell in love with her stuff! It can relax you and soothe you. I am actually currently waiting on her album Anchor to come from America which causes me to run hopefully to the post and then return disappointed but I will keep you posted on that!

They were one of the most viewed with their weird and funny cover of the angry bird theme tune and they seemed very attractive , Pomplamoose which is Grapefruit in French. I dug a bit more into them , they originally just did strange but compelling covers of stuff but eventually began to write their own songs which are just as weird but just as addictive as the others, weird song titles include ‘Bust Your Kneecaps’ , ‘Monster Mask’ and ‘River Shiver’ I don’t think it’s just the music , it’s also the video and how it’s presented. It’s all very jazzy but not like saxophone jazzy, it’s fast and jazzy.

What sort of music do you like? Some of my friends like rock, others dance and others pop everything’s a fair mixture in the world
Susie xxxxx


1 Response to "Unknown Musicians <3"

Just saw the Wombats in Brixton!!! They owned the stage!!!!! :D

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