Gossip Harms

Posted on: February 23, 2012

Gossip Harms

I’ve got a couple of people who I dislike. They annoy me , they’re horrible, they think they’re amazing , the list goes on.  And sometimes we can be tempted to put them down by gossiping , spreading rumours and being horrible about them ourselves. But that makes you no better than them. You miss out on all the good things about friendship like laughing and messing about and talking about your life if you are always putting down someone else’s life. I guess this is a little link to my other post from October, Just Have Fun Already!. Although you do feel great about yourself when you put someone down, you’ll feel even better if you were known as the one who was positive about everyone rather the one who hates everyone. I’ll admit it, when I gossip about someone I do it behind their back, I avoid every possible means of confrontation. I hate facing someone. But these days I’m going to try and keep my negative words about people to the minimum.

How can you do it?? I looked at all the people I dislike at the best of times and found that they had problems whether it was that they had lots of brothers and sisters or because their parents were very young and found that most of them did have severe problems.  Most of the time if they are attention seeking it’s because they either have to fight through lots of siblings to be heard or they normally have their parents full and devoted attention and when they are at school or work they feel like they need the full attention again. After you’ve found the issue you’ve only fought half the battle. You need to accept them for who they are and begin to tell them what is wrong about what they are doing. I guess that sounds like something you would say to a toddler but you’ll be making them a better person because of it. If you really think you never want to be friends, at least be civil to them and don’t keep generating hate. Even if their not civil back whatever your age, gossiping is really immature and that’s why I’m trying to quit.  If everyone else hates them to and they try to cling to you think about what it would be like if you had no one who liked you, would you drift about on your own or would you seek desperately to fit in somewhere. See life from their eyes.

Backstabbers :(

Opinions don’t change in a day but if they hurt someone why not keep them to yourself?

from Susie xxx


2 Responses to "Gossip Harms"

you are so right about being able to appreciate that these people may have difficult lifes and that we should accept people as they are and realsie that we are all different and we are not all meant to be friends

you are so right about be able to appreciate that these people may have difficult lifes and that we should accept people as they are and realsie that we are all different and we are not all meant to be friends

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