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Before I came up with the idea for italk I was going to create a blog with ways to change our society (hence my user name for wordpress- changeoursociety) I even managed to set up the blog but I couldn’t get the hang of it and the subjects were all so boring. I later set up italk which I vowed will always be a blog for everybody. I created the logo (see above)

Why italk?I called the blog italk because not only is it easy to remember, it links to the iPhone, iPod, and iPad also it was in the url (

What is italk? italk is a blog that talks about everything from the point of view of a british teen. Anything,everything.

Why blogging? I want to be a writer and I thought that I needed to practice and start to write somewhere where lots of people can see it and tell me how to improve on my writing.

How does italk work?In the holidays I wrote every few days or somethin’ but when I’m at school I aim to write once a week. I try to premote it a bit on forums and then ask you for your opinion on the subject. The posts are all on the home page but they are also spread into the catogories and the pages so it’s a matter of discovery.

Where should I go now I’ve finished reading this page?



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The world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful ambitious people. Follow your dreams and remember that you need to work hard to achieve them. When you do be grateful for getting there and those who helped you get there. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you look like nothing can stop you following your dreams!

ITALK IS OUTDATED BLOG ALL ON THIS ONE I felt uncomfortable with the site. This one I'm more confident ENJOY
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