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Probably the thing I am most excited about is the Hunger Games! I absolutely love the books like every other book reader I know!

Set in a modern North America known as Panem, Panem is set into 12 districts and a Capitol. The capitol uses the 12 districts to fuel it with its needs, and to enforce power over the 12 districts every year the districts are forced to enter two tributes, a boy and girl to be entered into a fight to the death. The book follows Katniss, a girl who volunteers to be in the Hunger Games in place of her sister.

Katniss is probably the most interesting character of the whole series, she’s no Bella Swan. She’s not graceful and elegant, far from it. She’s very wary and clever but also very headstrong and she makes mistakes. I think that in a lot of cases Katniss should have acted differently and she builds such a wall around herself that she prevents Peeta (the other tribute from her district) getting in and this does cause a lot of issues.

I’m hoping that the film will be accurate, I’m going to see it tomorrow and I can’t wait!


Just Go With It -Movie Review

Just go with it looks like a trashy rom-com and it is but that’s sometimes exactly what you want.

Adam Sandler plays Danny Macbee;a man who manages to get the women by saying he’s a troubled marrige. He once had his heart broken on his wedding day and got sympathy from a girl and it has escalated since then. WHen he meets Palmer at a party things are different,he doesn’t use his old trick but Palmer finds the ring and clinging to his cover Danny say’s he’s in a marrige in crisis but Palmer is determined to meet the wife and ask her about it. Danny then asks his college Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston) to play his wife.Kathy’s kids become involved and it ends up with everyone going to Hawii including a crazy german and a marrige in Hawii.

This movie is so funny,I sat on the sofa laughing so hard. The german who plays Kathrines ‘boyfriend’ just for me steals the show.He tells Palmer how he is a sheep salesman and they’re out having dinner when a girl runs in going “Is anyone a sheep doctor,”or something and Palmers like “He is,” and Eddie (crazy german and Danny’s cousin) is like ‘Okay what have I gotten myself into,’ in the end he does manage to save the sheep which is hilarous.

I also like in this movie how Palmer never finds out they weren’t married which is good because I hate it when they have the awkward ‘I can’t believe you lied to me’ scenes.

The only thing I would change about this movie is I would add a scene where they explain to Penny that they were never married and Panny is okay with it. 

Just Go With It 9/10

How did I do with this?What is your rating for this movie?What is your review for this movie?Comment below or on your page.

Susie xx

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