Random Page

Random Page

This is the page where things that can’t be condemned to a category like clothing are hidden. They aren’t random even though that’s what I call them,they are more like unique,one of a kind type work.That’s what makes this page very,very special to me.Like when you have a row action movies and one rom-com.The rom-com will have a place in your heart because it’s different from the others.

Susie xx


Keeping a Diary
Keeping a diary is not hard,essentially it’s like updating your Facebook status except longer.Leaving 20 minutes to an a hour at the end of each day surely shouldn’t be a problem.I keep a diary and I have been for 2 years now.I find that I can look back and remember what I did this time last year,what I was thinking.A diary is not a chore it’s a joy I have written about 500 pages through all of my diaries and never found it a boring chore.
People say you have to hide your diary,keep it well locked up and hidden otherwise people could read it.I appreciate that no one will be able to read it but when I have been secretive with diaries it always ends badly.The unlocking of padlocks,receiving from hiding place and writing in secret always leads to a dramatic downfall because I can’t be bothered to do all this just to write about an average day or even worse I am desperate to write about my exciting day but alas I have to go through three padlocks before I can write.
Tips and Advice
Do tell people you are writing a diary,even be boastful.Not only will this encourage them to write but then people will know of your diary’s existence. The benefit of this is that your daughter might be able to read what you were like at her age.
Don’t padlock it or hide it or anything.A good notebook for a diary cost £2.29 at WHSmith.It is easy to flick through and easy to pick up and write.Trust your friends and family to resist temptation and tell them that you refuse to be responsible if they look through it.
Start easy.My first diary I was writing on average a A6 page per day.It had plain pages for doodling and for increasing font sizes.I maybe wrote every other day.If you start easy you can get harder as you go along.
Commitment.I’ll admit that there was a period in no 2 when my commitment to the project lacked.Don’t feel you have to write but do be committed to your Diary.The best way to solve lack of commitment is to set yourself a goal, maybe setting yourself a target to write so much per day. Or getting to a certain number of pages eg.100 whatever you choose have a bit of determination.
Keep going.Don’t think that just because you’ve finished no1 it’s time to stop.Keep going!I’ve got to no3 now writing 60 pages per month,writing everyday and Diary writing has miracles.
Up Points
I have improved handwriting
I have improved spelling
I have better writing skills
I have improved grammar
I can reflect on the past
I can share honest thoughts and secrets
I find it easier to paragraph and it’s easier to make lists (like this one)
Down Points
Time consuming
Little by little I have become more and more descriptive and this has helped me not just when I’m writing creatively but when I’m writing here on italk.It’s helped me put thoughts onto paper.Keeping a diary is a joy and I hope to keep on writing for many years to come.Have you ever kept a diary?Do you keep a diary?What are your thoughts on my writing?Comment below or on your page.
Susie xx

I was told this story a while ago,I don’t know where the story teller got the story from or anything but…

These scientists got tons of 3/4 year olds and sat each of them at a table with a plate containing a sweet. The scientists told the kids that if they didn’t eat the sweets whilst they were away,they would get another.Some of the kids ate the sweet,others didn’t. The ones that didn’t were given as promised a second sweet and the scientist said again if they didn’t eat the sweets whilst the scientists were gone they would get a third and so the cycle continued until the scientist said they could eat their sweets.

When the kids had grown up the scientist review each childs succession in life and found the children obeyed and didn’t eat the sweets fared better than those who ate the sweets immidiately.

This is where my question comes.Are the kids who do underage drinking,smoking and sex the ones who eat the sweets? The kids who eat the sweets don’t wait until they’re allowed to,and the kids who do things underage don’t wait until they’re allowed to. There is a sort of desperation to grow up.I know at my school people smoke and drink when it’s not leagal.In the UK you have to be 16 before you can drink and18 to 21 until you can buy drink.You  have to be 18 before you can smoke and 16 before you can have sex.

Okay so I decided to try the sweet theory with my little sister and her friend they aren’t exactly toddlers more like 9/10 years old. So I gave it to them saying if you don’t eat this I’ll give you another one,I came back half an hour later and they had eaten them. I’m going to be careful and examine how my sister turns out.

How did I do in this peice?Comment below or on your page

Susie xx


The Obsession with the Union Jack




We all have it and why ? At first glance I can spot 3 items which are union jack related . This stuff has worked it’s way into my hands . There is National pride of course I mean most of us love our nation to bits, our culture , our lifestyle, our history and some of us even love our country’s stereotype but I don’t .

National pride is one reason but then again I walk around with a bag showing the American flag and I buy stuff with the French flag on it so maybe we just love flags after all we see other country’s flags everywhere their isn’t a Union  Jack flying . There are of course  countries within Britain with there own flags the English flag , the Scottish flag , the Welsh flag and the Northely Irish flag . But the Union Jack is my favourite out of all the British flags because
1. It’s a mash up of all the flags
2. It shows how Britain can be together but apart
3. It’s pretty to look at
4. National Pride whereas my national flag makes me feel pride but not great pride
5 . It’s cool to make patterns with

So I think it’s safe to say this is a ramble post but …

What do you feel about the Union Jack ? What do you feel about your flag ? What do you feel about national pride ? What do you feel about your country’s stereotype ? Comment below, on your page or email me at
Susie xx



Wasps, horrible creatures with wings aren’t they?I used to fear them but now I just pure hate them. I have never been stung by a wasp but I imagine it would be painful because it’s not like sticking a pin in your leg , it’s like putting a slightly venomous pin in your leg. And usually a wasp sting is unjustified unlike a bee sting which kills the bee and so usually bees only do it as a last resort whereas wasps sting anyone or anything.

I am telling you all this because I have had a very funny encounter with wasps lately. My friend gave me some sweets and I didn’t really like them,they were okay but they had fallen all out my bag and got dirty. I was tidying up and I had these sweets and I didn’t know what to do with them so without thinking about it I put them on my window ledge because my window was open at the time later I shut the window forgetting they were out there. A few days later I was undoing the curtains and I noticed a few wasps eating these sweets I’d left out a lot of sweets and there were hardly any left!

 They were fighting over these sweets and were acting like they were glued to the sweets. It was quite scary, I wanted to check whether the window was closed properly because I didn’t want wasps inside. I wondered how long it would take them to finish them and so through out the day i mentally checked

a) the amount of sweet left


b) the number of wasps at one time

At one point I counted 7 wasps outside my window also I noted that a wasp had died for some of it becacause I saw this little adomen ( and if you don’t know what part the abdomen is,here’s a diagram )

By the next morning all the sweets were gone and considering they were eating food the same size as their whole body they were pretty fast! You’d think they’d get sick of it and give up.  So wasps may be very ugly, very creepy , whatever but no one can deny that they aren’t impressive…

How did I do on this piece let me know below, on your page or at Please note how I have taken advice and it’s an easy colour to read and will be from now on. What are your thoughts on wasps ? Have you ever been stung by one? And what do you think about my wasp tempting?

Susie xx


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