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Teen fiction

Teen fiction is infectious.

You find or are reccommended a book,you read the book,you reccomend the book and it’s spread. You end up reading tons of books like it and before long that’s all you’ll be reading.

That happened with me,walked into a bookstore and saw Twilight . My friend had read Twilight and had reccomended it to me. My friends at school had no idea about it yet,they were still mulling over the 9-12 books and I bought that book,I walked out the store with twilight (if you don’t know yet what it is click here)I read it on holiday,I avidly read this wonderful book that was so dark and romantic.I couldn’t put the thing down. I loved twilight,the first book I mean. I recommended the first one to my friends at school and read the rest happily.I love the 1st book of twilight.It was about vampires

I read the Fallen Series and loved it too.It was dark,it was romantic and I loved it.It was about angels.

I read I am Number 4 and loved that too.It was set in the view of a guy and it was like non-geeky

sci-fi.It was about aliens.

I read The Hunger Games and loved it. I liked how only a tiny bit was focused on the romantic side of it and that the main character isn’t a feeble maiden in distress but a suvivor and a warrior. This book is totally irelivant to the subject,I just wanted to put it in here. ;P 

However the love for ‘I am Number 4′ ,’Fallen’ and ‘Twilight’ soon wavered when I tried to read The Vampire Diaries. It wasn’t necesseraliy that book in paticular it just made me realise that the books had similaritys. It’s always a new person in town. The male tends to be supernatural. The girl and the supernatural,super strong,super sensitive guy become a couple. There is another guy who comes along to try and win the girl over.The other guy just happens to be the males enmy.And of course to female stays faithful to her lover. Come on writers!Write something different!

How did I do with this piece?What are your thoughts on the books above?What are your thoughts on repeative story lines?Leave your comments below or on your page. Susie xx


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