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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white christmas this year. Why? Because it’s too warm for snow.I went out today and it felt more like April instead of December which was dissapointing. I mean I do hate the cold but christmas doesn’t feel like christmas without the white stuff. I had a vision of me and my family sitting out on our decking in the snow all wrapped up eating warm turkey and veg. It’ll be weird to not see the kids trailing about with their sledges behind them. And last year after school we would come home from school and get into our sallepettes and we would go sledging always scared that we were going to fall into the burn which lies at the bottom of the hill. And that was our only way of burning off all that fatty food which we ate around the christmas period. Last year the first day of snow that year was on my birthday which was really ¬†special for me. ¬†It raises doubts, if I have children, will they ever see snow in Britain?How many years will it be until I see snow again?

Susie xx


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