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Saving our planet

What do you do to try and stop global warming? We all feel a tiny bit of guilt when we think of our lights sitting left on in our homes but how many of us actually try to stop it?We love our dear planet in it’s summer glory, winter elegance, spring beauty and autumn joy, if it weren’t for our planet we would all be dead. But what about that time , a time where our planet will be flooded because of the damage to the ozone layer, our ancestors or maybe even the younger generation of today will be left to face an extreme situation.

I’m not going to tell you to change oyur lifestyle dramatically because I’m pretty sure your happy the way things are so here are a few tips I use on a general day to day basis on how to save my planet.

  • Switch off your lights.When it’s summer and you have enough light coming through the windows do you need them on. It’s not a hard task and once you get into a habit it comes naturally.
  • Take out your plugs. Of course you don’t want to have to plug in your oven every time you use it but if you don’t use your CD player or your iPod dock all the time then take the plug out. Don’t just switch the switch off because did you know power can still get through so unplug it only 2 secs more effort for a nicer world <3
  • Use roll on deoderant. At least try it  because the spray stuff completely makes holes in the ozone and that’s not good. If you can’t use roll on, try not to over excessively spray it!
  • Don’t leave your phone to power over night. I have trouble with this one because I want to have it when I go out in the evening and when I wake up in the morning and then of course I have to have it for school. When your watching TV just plug it in the nearest socket or charge it whilst your having your evening meal. Or charge it when your doing your admin (it’s probably not best for someone to distract you whilst your working.
  • Try to have more eco travel. Have you ever considered walking to school or to work? If walking is not an option then what about a bus? Either way it means you(or your parent) don’t have to drive !
  • Local food. You don’t have to check all your food from the weekly shop to find the origin but if you see carrots from your country or carrots from  China, pick the ones from your country.

These are simple small little things but they do make an impact, we are a huge movement and we can save our planet by doing small things. Susie xx

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Wasps, horrible creatures with wings aren’t they?I used to fear them but now I just pure hate them. I have never been stung by a wasp but I imagine it would be painful because it’s not like sticking a pin in your leg , it’s like putting a slightly venomous pin in your leg. And usually a wasp sting is unjustified unlike a bee sting which kills the bee and so usually bees only do it as a last resort whereas wasps sting anyone or anything.

I am telling you all this because I have had a very funny encounter with wasps lately. My friend gave me some sweets and I didn’t really like them,they were okay but they had fallen all out my bag and got dirty. I was tidying up and I had these sweets and I didn’t know what to do with them so without thinking about it I put them on my window ledge because my window was open at the time later I shut the window forgetting they were out there. A few days later I was undoing the curtains and I noticed a few wasps eating these sweets I’d left out a lot of sweets and there were hardly any left!

 They were fighting over these sweets and were acting like they were glued to the sweets. It was quite scary, I wanted to check whether the window was closed properly because I didn’t want wasps inside. I wondered how long it would take them to finish them and so through out the day i mentally checked

a) the amount of sweet left


b) the number of wasps at one time

At one point I counted 7 wasps outside my window also I noted that a wasp had died for some of it becacause I saw this little adomen ( and if you don’t know what part the abdomen is,here’s a diagram )

By the next morning all the sweets were gone and considering they were eating food the same size as their whole body they were pretty fast! You’d think they’d get sick of it and give up.  So wasps may be very ugly, very creepy , whatever but no one can deny that they aren’t impressive…

How did I do on this piece let me know below, on your page or at Please note how I have taken advice and it’s an easy colour to read and will be from now on. What are your thoughts on wasps ? Have you ever been stung by one? And what do you think about my wasp tempting?

Susie xx

The Weird Sweet Theory Ramble

I was told this story a while ago,I don’t know where the story teller got the story from or anything but…

These scientists got tons of 3/4 year olds and sat each of them at a table with a plate containing a sweet. The scientists told the kids that if they didn’t eat the sweets whilst they were away,they would get another.Some of the kids ate the sweet,others didn’t. The ones that didn’t were given as promised a second sweet and the scientist said again if they didn’t eat the sweets whilst the scientists were gone they would get a third and so the cycle continued until the scientist said they could eat their sweets.

When the kids had grown up the scientist review each childs succession in life and found the children obeyed and didn’t eat the sweets fared better than those who ate the sweets immidiately.

This is where my question comes.Are the kids who do underage drinking,smoking and sex the ones who eat the sweets? The kids who eat the sweets don’t wait until they’re allowed to,and the kids who do things underage don’t wait until they’re allowed to. There is a sort of desperation to grow up.I know at my school people smoke and drink when it’s not leagal.In the UK you have to be 16 before you can drink and18 to 21 until you can buy drink.You  have to be 18 before you can smoke and 16 before you can have sex.

Okay so I decided to try the sweet theory with my little sister and her friend they aren’t exactly toddlers more like 9/10 years old. So I gave it to them saying if you don’t eat this I’ll give you another one,I came back half an hour later and they had eaten them. I’m going to be careful and examine how my sister turns out.

How did I do in this peice?Comment below or on your page

Susie xx

Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary is not hard,essentially it’s like updating your Facebook status except longer.Leaving 20 minutes to an a hour at the end of each day surely shouldn’t be a problem.I keep a diary and I have been for 2 years now.I find that I can look back and remember what I did this time last year,what I was thinking.A diary is not a chore it’s a joy I have written about 500 pages through all of my diaries and never found it a boring chore.

People say you have to hide your diary,keep it well locked up and hidden otherwise people could read it.I appreciate that no one will be able to read it but when I have been secretive with diaries it always ends badly.The unlocking of padlocks,receiving from hiding place and writing in secret always leads to a dramatic downfall because I can’t be bothered to do all this just to write about an average day or even worse I am desperate to write about my exciting day but alas I have to go through three padlocks before I can write.

Tips and Advice

Do tell people you are writing a diary,even be boastful.Not only will this encourage them to write but then people will know of your diary’s existence. The benefit of this is that your daughter might be able to read what you were like at her age.

Don’t padlock it or hide it or anything.A good notebook for a diary cost £2.29 at WHSmith.It is easy to flick through and easy to pick up and write.Trust your friends and family to resist temptation and tell them that you refuse to be responsible if they look through it.

Start easy.My first diary I was writing on average a A6 page per day.It had plain pages for doodling and for increasing font sizes.I maybe wrote every other day.If you start easy you can get harder as you go along.

Commitment.I’ll admit that there was a period in no 2 when my commitment to the project lacked.Don’t feel you have to write but do be committed to your Diary.The best way to solve lack of commitment is to set yourself a goal, maybe setting yourself a target to write so much per day. Or getting to a certain number of pages eg.100 whatever you choose have a bit of determination.

Keep going.Don’t think that just because you’ve finished no1 it’s time to stop.Keep going!I’ve got to no3 now writing 60 pages per month,writing everyday and Diary writing has miracles.

Up Points

I have improved handwriting

I have improved spelling

I have better writing skills

I have improved grammar

I can reflect on the past

I can share honest thoughts and secrets

I find it easier to paragraph and it’s easier to make lists (like this one)

Down Points

Time consuming

Little by little I have become more and more descriptive and this has helped me not just when I’m writing creatively but when I’m writing here on italk.It’s helped me put thoughts onto paper.Keeping a diary is a joy and I hope to keep on writing for many years to come.Have you ever kept a diary?Do you keep a diary?What are your thoughts on my writing?Comment below or on your page.

Susie xx

Jack Wills

Jack Wills is a high street designer label in Britain.The common age range is high school teens to university
age.Being designer Jack Wills is very costly,the dresses are perhaps better value compared to other designers but the t-shirts,underwear ect. are way up at the top of the market. I am not sure as to whether I like this preppy shop for a few reasons against and a few reasons for.The shop has a beautiful interior which makes it feel old,the one I’m nearest to, has a very vintage interior with old books sitting dustily and snugly on shelves and an old green chair sits near the changing rooms.Along with the simple gold lettering on the black outline of the shop. it feels homely and very british.
The clothes can kill you,they are so beautiful and quality and preppy but not frumpy.They pull off the whole preppy british country girl, british country girl goes swimming, british country girl goes clubbing,goes riding,goes jogging,sitting,standing,walking. The window usually has a starch white mannequin that you wish was you styling a breathtaking dress or outfit or something that catches you like a gaping goldfish.
However the beauty has a downside according to me.It’s the same with all designers but where I live I feel that Jack Wills has it worse;peer pressure. More and more teens are ignoring what clothing style they really like to deck themselves from head to toe in the brand.And the stuff they buy is usually the stuff that plainly says Wills or JW something that will easily show that they have spent a lot of money on a designer brand.Which leads me to say that this peer pressure has its advantages,pressurised peers will buy branded clothes and walk around feeling great but they will be advertising to other teens to go to a store because it will help them fit in. Like a complicated version of a man in a hot dog outfit.
Don’t ask me how much I’ve bought there because as I said before I’m a looker,not a buyer and I’ve only discovered it recently so….I have bought a bag (on sale for a good price),a wills highlighter,two wills pens and a JW bracelet.4 out of 5 of those things had problems,so to avoid others falling in the cheap goods trap,I need and want to share these problems.I spent £10.50 in Jack Wills buying the highlighter,pens and bracelet.The first problem I had happened a minute out of the shop when I realised that the bracelet popper was so warped it didn’t stay on properly,I didn’t want to tell my dad because I know he would lecture me on how bad Jack Wills is.Added to that I didn’t want to go back and return it because the lady who’d served me had been so nice and it would have embarrassed me to be picky.The bracelet doesn’t stay on and so far I have only lost it at a friend’s house like 4 times but the day is coming when I will drop it in the street and the £6.50 I spent will have gone. The next problem happened a week later when the ink in my pens started coming out patchy and intervals of the ink flow.The third problem was with the highlighter.It took ages for the highlighter to malfunction taking 20 days.The highlighter had WILLS at the top end and the WILLS just erroded away also I found at times the ink falters so I guess it will run dry soon. That £10.50 was just gone the money had been burnt on cheap accessories.The moral of this story is spend a lot of money on good quality items.
So I have told you my rather confused opinion on the outfiters to the gentry but what do you think?Tell me your thoughts about Jack Wills,your stories about Jack Wills and tell me how you think my writing was.Either do it below or on your page. Susie xx

Unique Heart

Hello World Wide Web!

My name is Susie and I am a teen writer .I want to be a columnist,I want to write in a newspaper about the little things that make up our lives,our society from my point of view.I’ve wanted to be a writer for a while but it was only this year I became really serious on it.I exell at creative writing rather than factual and personal but find it hard to get an intresting story.It was after watching the film Marley and Me and reading the G2 (Guardian supplement) that I found what I want to be.  I spoke to my parents about it and they encouraged a blog.I am not too intrested in racking up subscribers,I just want practice and experience in this writing style.                                                                                                   Susie xx

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