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Harry Potter Hype (7 and final)

The strange thing about the last book was that I’d seen the film so recently I could pick out bits of the book which were different. For example in the book Snape is killed in the shrieking shack, in the film he dies in a boating pond. When Voldemort dies in the book, they keep his body in a chamber ready to be buried but in the film he just flakes into nothingness .

The last book rounds off the series perfectly, it goes out with a bang. The first half is probably the worst  part of the books , it’s so depressing and boring, all failures and no successes . They aren’t doing much and the locket is making them grumpy and they aren’t anywhere near horcruxes and Harry is undesirable number one. It’s a very hostile scenario.

Personally the turning point is at the Malfoy manor, they manage to escape and rescue others and it’s very exciting. Something is happening. From there the path becomes clearer and they become more happy and active especially with the new excitement of the Hallows.

The scene where Harry is viewing Snape’s memories in a penisieve was a highlight for me because it’s a sad tale and you feel very sorry for him. It’s beautifully written from the moment where Snape and Lily first meet to when he comes to Dumbledore pleading for help. It exploits the true agony of love and losing one you love. As well as that it’s a shock to find that all these years Snape has put more faith in Dumbledore than in Voldemort.

The part in KIng’s Cross station was a ver peaceful scene all the dread you feel about Voldemort and death eaters and the innocent dead just disappears. It is an infomative part in the book because we learn more about Voldemort’s mistakes and Dumbledore’s regrets and that is interesting.

‘Just because this is all in your head does that mean it’s not real?’

Say’s Dumbledore and it’s an inspiring quote for me because it’s a question that we should ask our selves every so often.

The part  19 years later right at the end of the scene is a magical scene. It shows the now peaceful life of the Potter’s and the Weasley’s and how they see their children, the next generation off Hogwarts , school of witchcraft and wizardry.In conclusion Harry Potter is a rightfully successful book. It is thrilling, sad, mysterious, it is everything good about literacy.

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Harry Potter Hype (6)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the one where Harry finds out what he’s working towards, what could get him out of this mess he was caught in. This book is interesting because it goes into more detail about Voldemort’s family and Voldemort’s past.


The first point I wish to bring up is that I was a tiny bit surprised he is only told about the horcruxes in the second half of the second last book. I would have thought that JK Rowling would have introduced it sooner and that’s not a criticism because if JK Rowling had introduced it too early then I could get bored of the horcrux idea.

Then Malfoy and the room of Irma. I loved how Harry can’t work out where Malfoy is going and what he’s doing. I also like how Harry answers his questions about Mafoy by mistake when he is trying to hide the Half Blood Princes potions book.

And the Half Blood Prince! I love the name because it’s so clever and mysterious. And when Snape admits that he is the Half Blood Prince you jump, well I did and I even knew it was Snape.

The Half Blood Prince is made up of lovely little mysteries which you try and solve before Malfoy tells you the answers on the tower. It’s an indulgent book and a fabulous start to the final battle…


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