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Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary is not hard,essentially it’s like updating your Facebook status except longer.Leaving 20 minutes to an a hour at the end of each day surely shouldn’t be a problem.I keep a diary and I have been for 2 years now.I find that I can look back and remember what I did this time last year,what I was thinking.A diary is not a chore it’s a joy I have written about 500 pages through all of my diaries and never found it a boring chore.

People say you have to hide your diary,keep it well locked up and hidden otherwise people could read it.I appreciate that no one will be able to read it but when I have been secretive with diaries it always ends badly.The unlocking of padlocks,receiving from hiding place and writing in secret always leads to a dramatic downfall because I can’t be bothered to do all this just to write about an average day or even worse I am desperate to write about my exciting day but alas I have to go through three padlocks before I can write.

Tips and Advice

Do tell people you are writing a diary,even be boastful.Not only will this encourage them to write but then people will know of your diary’s existence. The benefit of this is that your daughter might be able to read what you were like at her age.

Don’t padlock it or hide it or anything.A good notebook for a diary cost £2.29 at WHSmith.It is easy to flick through and easy to pick up and write.Trust your friends and family to resist temptation and tell them that you refuse to be responsible if they look through it.

Start easy.My first diary I was writing on average a A6 page per day.It had plain pages for doodling and for increasing font sizes.I maybe wrote every other day.If you start easy you can get harder as you go along.

Commitment.I’ll admit that there was a period in no 2 when my commitment to the project lacked.Don’t feel you have to write but do be committed to your Diary.The best way to solve lack of commitment is to set yourself a goal, maybe setting yourself a target to write so much per day. Or getting to a certain number of pages eg.100 whatever you choose have a bit of determination.

Keep going.Don’t think that just because you’ve finished no1 it’s time to stop.Keep going!I’ve got to no3 now writing 60 pages per month,writing everyday and Diary writing has miracles.

Up Points

I have improved handwriting

I have improved spelling

I have better writing skills

I have improved grammar

I can reflect on the past

I can share honest thoughts and secrets

I find it easier to paragraph and it’s easier to make lists (like this one)

Down Points

Time consuming

Little by little I have become more and more descriptive and this has helped me not just when I’m writing creatively but when I’m writing here on italk.It’s helped me put thoughts onto paper.Keeping a diary is a joy and I hope to keep on writing for many years to come.Have you ever kept a diary?Do you keep a diary?What are your thoughts on my writing?Comment below or on your page.

Susie xx


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