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Amy Winehouse

and her No1 album after death.

She had a hugely a troubled  career yet a hugely successful one too.Amy Winehouse was a talented musician and is it any wonder her second album Back To Black has hit no 1? Her album back to black has hits such as ‘Love is a losing Game’, ‘Back to Black’ and hugely successful ‘rehab’.And as an update for all of you who have been too busy to notice Amy died in her flat in Camden on the 23rd of July 2011,whilst we all know she had drug problems her family claim it was related to her drinking problems. Except it wasn’t excessive drink they claim that killed her,they claim it was drinking withdrawal which caused the death,doctors advised her to cut back on it gradually but Amy cut back completely which caused a shock to her system.

Back to Black expresses everything that Amy feels not just about her break up with her boyfriend. Looking at it you can translate the song titles into  a different language. Rehab,a place Amy visited a lot. Addicted, like Amy was with her drugs. Back to black,how she felt about her addiction to drugs.Maybe it’s just me but is this a two-sided story?

My favourite Amy Winehouse song is not a well-known one it is called ‘What it is’ and it was on her album ‘Stronger than me’ in 2003. The song is rich and warm and suits Amy’s voice perfectly. It feels like something you would listen to in a foreign country by the river.


Anyway she’s hit No1 with her most successful album and after all who ever said publicity was a bad thing?So what’s the physiological reason for the buyers to buy the album? I personally felt the need to buy rehab after she died but why?Why,the album will probably be around for ever so why? I think I was just thinking about her music more, it was splashed all over the G2 (Guardian Supplement) not to mention other magazines and newspapers. I looked at her on the web for the latest news (YouTube went berserk) and I even played all of my Amy songs in a solemn tribute.

Tons of celebs have spoken about Amy saying really peaceful nice things;

“We have lost a beautiful and talented woman to this disease… All we can do is adapt the way we view this condition, not as a crime or a romantic affectation but as a disease that will kill. We need to review the way society treats addicts, not as criminals but as sick people in need of care.” Russel Brand

: “i cant even breath right my now im crying so hard i just lost 1 of my best friends. i love you forever Amy & will never forget the real you!”Kelly Osbourne

“I just heard the news that Amy Winehouse passed away. What a true talent. I pray she’s in a better place & at peace.”Kim Kardashian

“Amy Winehouse.. So sad. Unfortunately the world lost an incredibly talented woman to such a powerful disease… addiction. #RIP” Demi Lavato

Lady Gaga also spoke up about Amy and you can check an article out here


I hope that Amy Winehouse is in a good place right now and that her album success at the moment will over shadow her troubled social life. REST IN PEACE AMY

Back To Black album cover

back to black album cover


How did I do in this article?What are your thoughts and comments on Amy’s life, Amy’s death and Amy’s music ? What are your messages for Amy?Comment below or on your page.


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