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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry,good old Potter. So I had been wrong about  goonextd old famous Harry Potter and I reached for the next book…

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is most memorable for me by the whole flying car experience,I remeber in After School Club they had only one film and that was it. I remember how I  used to know the words off by heart and I would watch it every afternoon simply because I am like a moth to television screens. I can’t staring at them and it really annoys my friends they like to shout “Earth to Susie,earth to Susie are you there ?” I liked the film but when i came to thinking about it before I read the book all that would pop up was a picture of Malfoy looking catiously behind him and I don’t even know why. I do remember the flying car but had know idea which movie it was in.

I liked the Chamber of Secrets because it was a lot more mysterious and frankly a bit less predictable. Up until the end I was like who is it?Who is it,I bet it’s Malfoy.But JK Rowling was wise enough not to blame it on a slytherin but instead make it the accidental fault of sweet,innocent Ginny Weasley and a bit of dark magic from Tom Riddle.

By this stage there was no denying it I was a girl in the desert desperate for an oasis.I ran down stairs to find the next book…

How did I did I do with this piece?Tell me all thoughts about HP,I love to hear them and your thoughts on Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.Comment below or on your page OR you can now email me if you want no one else to see your comment.Email me at

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Harry Potter Hype

The films are over and for those film fans who have not yet read the books now is the perfect opportunity. The finality which the films concocted is depressing almost everyone but of course there is always pottermore (what ever that is, it’s a bit vague) which comes out in October to the general public.Pottermore for me is depressing because it’s like a relay of the books which have been around for ages trying to get STILL more people to read it.In an honest opinion JK Rowling should stop trying to mess around with wizards and write something else.

I remember trying to read the books when I was about 8 but unfortunately got bored 3/4 of the way through The Philosphers Stone(Sorcerer’s Stone for those Americans) and I remember as I ceremoniously removed the bookmark slowly and placed the book on a small table before walking away. I just was bored, I probably had the temptation of another book overshadowing the first Harry Potter. It was just unlucky.

Ever since I have insulted the books but my friend who is CRAZY about Harry Potter (yes,she was the one in the cinema who came dressed as a wizard) went even more crazy when I told her Twilight was better than Harry Potter so I thought it’s been long enough and I should try again after all I’m older and I read 10X faster.So I finished the current book and rushed over to the family bookshelf. All 7 were there,faded colours with wrinkled spines and wavy pages.I picked up the first book,sat on the sofa and read.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the movies in the wrong order and with a couple of years between each viewing.I’m a very recent fan.My other Harry Potter crazy friend chooses to watch it and we sit and watch them.I liked them but never really connected with them I just was a bit confused as to who everyone was and to be honest I felt completely out of the HP loop. My fandom came about all because Harry Potter

and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was showing on my birthday and we decided to go and see it. With a week to go I shoved all of the books I was reading aside and told myself to at least read the last one. I read it and loved the amazing ending that although I was occasionally confused I understood more than ever.I saw the film a week later and since haven’t been able to see Harry Potter in the same light,it is epic. After the film and book birthday I told myself that one day I would read them again. However other

books cropped into interest and I forgot to read about the boy that lived.

6 months later and the second part of The Deathly Hallows was released. I went to go and see it obviously and was left speechless. I had only just got a hold of Harry Potter and now he was leaving but there will always be the books…

A few days ago I read the first book – all of it and I was annoyed,annoyed I hadn’t read it sooner. Philosophers Stone is more of an introduction to the scene and characters and U felt that there would be better to come. I avidly grabbed for the next book….

To be continued…..

How did I do with this piece?What are your thoughts on HP?

Tell me what you think below or on your page. Susie xx

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